The Funniest Comic Strip I Know

Basic Instructions is a comic panel produced 2 or 3 times a week by a fellow named Scott Meyer.  I think it is often laugh-out-loud funny.  I go there once a week or so.

Basic Instructions sample - sometimes this image does not load.  Hit Refresh or use the link at the end of this post.

It gets moderate traffic – about 30 people out of every million surfers visit it on an average day.  That’s about a fifth of the number that go to and five times as many as visit  It ranks as about the 50,000th most popular site on the Web.  (You can find web traffic stats at

Scott is the type of blogger who gets enough traffic to warrant selling ad space on his site.  I don’t know if he makes enough to feed himself or even make it worthwhile to arrange for the advertising, because selling ads online is not like radio or TV or print – number of viewers alone does not determine the rate.  Instead, it’s the number of clickers, so it depends on the quality of the ad, how well matched it is to the audience of that site, its position on the page, etc.

But is does make some money, and that’s freaky.  I mean, there are 49,999 more popular options out there, and he still makes money. 

Clicking on Basic Instructions will open the site a new window.


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