Another Zebra Criterion

In a previous post, I described the idea of the ultimate segmentation of your prospects into single individuals and compared it with narrowing down from all animals to only zebras.  Well, I was wrong: zebras are NOT the only animal that

1) are mammals,

2) walk on 4 legs,

3) have stripes, and

4) look like a horse:


This is an Okapi, photographed during our visit to Disney World Animal Kingdom last week.  So to keep the zebra metaphor going, we need a 5th criterion:

5) black and white (like pandas and skunks and magpies).


One Response to “Another Zebra Criterion”

  1. rewolf Says:

    zebras are often brown or even reddish so, no. Just adjust your stripes criteria to read ‘all-over’ stripes. Lots of animals are partially striped but none so covered with them as a zebra.- I love okapi though.

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