Sales Prevention Department

I want to buy these sunglasses.  I don’t need to be sold; I’ve had them before and they’re great.  I am at the stage of the transaction where there is basically a couple of hundred of Bushnell Corporation’s dollars sitting in my pocket – they just have to take it.

The on-line store doesn’t work in Canada, even though they list Canadian prices.

The operator at Bushnell Canada’s headquarters in Toronto (which was not an easy number to find on the Serengeti Eyewear site, which was not an easy site to find in the first place) put me through to Customer Service, where I went straight to hold.  And was told my call was very important to them, of course.  After about 2 minutes, the nice computer voice lady told me that nobody could serve me now, could I please leave a message!  And it wasn’t even a toll-free number; I was the one paying!



2 Responses to “Sales Prevention Department”

  1. Daniel Says:

    What kind are they ?

  2. sbroox Says:

    Serengeti drivers. I ended up getting a pair, no thanks to Bushnell. I tracked them down at a local retailer, but only after visiting 4 different places.

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