OMG! My First Trackback!

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Cool!  I know that I’ve been bitten by the blogging bug when I get a physical rush of excitement when someone quotes me, and links to my blog, from their own.  I feel like a giddy teenager.  Doc Searls, one of the authors of The Cluetrain Manifesto and an all-round respected pundit, posted this on the weekend!  Seriously, this feels awesome.  I’ve been writing this damn thing for 3 weeks now, and hardly anyone has acknowledged it – other than my very supportive wife, an old colleague and fellow blogger, and one old friend who is actually pictured in the Press Release post.  So, one plugs along, having kind of a blind faith that all the Web 2.0 magic will just happen as long as you diligently post everyday and stay (mostly) true to your theme.  And then, BAM!  Doc Searls!  He’s almost famous!  He’s got a Wikipedia entry!  He thought enough of my words to make them his Quote du jour!  I’m quoted on the freakin’ Harvard Law School domain!  Champagne and caviar tonight!  And, Mr. Searls, just watch your blog traffic soar once I add your URL to the blogroll on the right –>


3 Responses to “OMG! My First Trackback!”

  1. Doc Searls Says:

    Well, *almost* famous is right. Note that my Wikipedia entry is still a stub.

    And I could use the traffic. Although I have this rep as a “big time” blogger, my traffic has been about the same since the turn of the millenium. Which is to say enough to make almost nothing if I bothered to have any advertising on my blog. (Which I wouldn’t anyway.)

    Anyway, enjoy the champagne and caviar. That *was* a great quote.


  2. sbroox Says:

    It just keeps getting better and better! Thanks, Doc.

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