Web Marketing – It’s Cost-Effectivalicious!

I attended an online presentation today by MarketingSherpa where one of the slides contained this chart.  It shows where people who are making technology buying decisions go to get information.  It only deals with “interactive” sources, so static Web sites, brochures, advertisements and the like aren’t counted.

Stephen Brooks Flickr Chart

I find it interesting that about 3 times as many people get their vendor information from Web 2.0 sources as do by attending trade shows.  Yet most technology marketers (I used to be one of them) spend WAAAAAAY more money on trade shows than on interactive Web activity.

At one of my old companies, we spent close to half a million dollars on our presence at COMDEX one year (I think it was fall 2000).  And that was only one of 10 or so shows we exhibited at that year.  For what we spent on that one show, we could have hired 5 excellent people to do nothing all day but build our online presence by hanging out in chat forums, answering questions in industry newsgroups, seeing the coming of blogs and participating in that phenomenon early on, creating Facebook groups for our user community, and a tonne of other stuff.  Taking that strategy, and sticking with it, would have made that company the dominant online thought-leaders in their field by now.

It’s not too late to get on the bandwagon, because even now the vast majortiy of marketers have yet to embrace the idea of 1 to 1, permission based marketing using the Web 2.0 tools that are now available.  Start your blog today!  ¡Viva la revoluçione!


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