Memorable in the Wrong Way

In my previous post, I was referring to an old TV commercial for a brand of shampoo.  Its theme was that one user of the shampoo was so pleased with the results, that she told two of her friends.  Those two friends told two friends each, and the chain reaction continued to spread exponentially.  As the number of friends involved doubled each time, the image of the original girl was cloned so after a few iterations there were 16 of her filling the screen, 32, etc.

I was about to type “classic Revlon commercial” in yesterday’s post but I wasn’t sure of the brand, so I used “shampoo” instead.  Then, curious as to what the brand actually was, I tried Google:

Shampoo search

On this one page, there are 3 different opinions as to what shampoo was being advertised in that obviously memorable spot.  So with my guess (Revlon), and another link I saw that thought it was Wella Balsam, there are 5 different contenders that I found in 10 seconds.  Obviously the ad did a great job of sticking in our heads, but it stuck the wrong thing there.  We remember the gimmick, not the brand.  That’s one reason I have never drunk the koolaid on the importance of brands.  People remember experiences and stories, not logos and product names.


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