CSI: Criminally Silly Illumination

CSICSI: Crime Scene Investigation  was one of my favourite shows on TV.  The past tense is because I really liked the early years of the Las Vegas version, when it was all about the science and unravelling the mystery.  I don’t care for the more recent seasons and all the gooey love interests and personal drama between the characters.  Now it’s more like a soap opera than a cop show.  I figure they jumped the shark around the time Grissom bought flowers for Sara; I think it was in season six. 

Why do TV series feel the need to “evolve” away from what originally made them popular?  Is it really necessary to change if you wish to avoid stagnation and death?  This would not seem to be the case for The Simpsons,  which is essentially identical to the original season these 20 years on.  And how does this apply to other businesses?  There are several pubs in Britain that have been in constant operation since the first millennium – they appear to have settled on a static business model.  But Tim Horton’s here in Canada have morphed from a chain of doughnut shops that also served coffee, to coffee shops that also sell doughnuts, to coffee shops that also sell lunch, all in 40 years.  It would now seem that they want to become fast-food shops that also serve coffee and doughnuts on the side.

But now we’ll leave alone the philosophical debate of whether change is necessary for longevity, and address a much more important question: when the CSI techs visit a crime scene, why don’t they ever turn on the frickin’ lights?!?!?   I know, I know – the dim light is dramatic.  And sometimes they need dark to use the phosphorescing chemical indicators and what-not.  But humans get something like 90% of their sensory input from their eyes – we find stuff (like, say, oh, I dunno…  evidence!) better in well-lit situations!  A show that used to pride itself on portraying science as the hero should have a little more common sense.

Back to our regular programming on Monday.  Have a great weekend.

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