When Google Becomes Omniscient

We are fast approaching a time when every consumer will have perfect knowledge.  Google, or some descendant of it, will have total awareness of everything out there.  And if you allow it to have perfect knowledge of you, too, then every purchase decision can be automated to produce optimal satisfaction for you.

Spend about $2,000 per month on your credit card, never carry a balance, and enjoy scuba diving in the Caribbean?  You should get the Aerogold Visa from RBC – sure it’s got an annual fee, but for that 120 bucks, you’ll earn enough points every year for two executive class tix to Antigua.  It’s the best deal for you.

Kid is 7, quite athletic, excellent cycling skills, likes to go fast?  She should get the Raleigh Rowdy mountain bike – it’s the best suited and best valued option for her.

[BTW, I just made both of those up – don’t take them as actual advice.]

So what will be left for salespeople and marketers to do?  It will be our job to:  a) create products that are perfect  for some person or group of people, and b) make sure we accurately describe our offering to the Google-mind.  There will be no more huckstering or snake oil pitching.  The message will be, “here’s what our product (really) is; here’s what it (really) does; and here’s whom we think will choose it over all other alternatives.”

And if we don’t think it will get chosen, we won’t make it.  We’ll make something better (or at least different).


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