WWBD (What Would Broox Do?)

In yesterday’s post, I criticized Stride for continuing to use a dying medium (TV) to promote their chewing gum when they had already utilized a modern marketing technique (viral video).  “Well, Monsieur Smartypants,” you might say, “what would you  do?”

I would engage the 2 million+ folks who watched the video with further compelling interactions.  At the end of Matt’s video, I would show my URL, which they already have, but with a call to action that encourages people to actually go there.  I would promise them free stuff and potential fame if they came to my site and fooled around a bit.  I would ask them for their email addresses and permission to establish a regular communication with them.  I would give away my gum for free to first-time visitors because (I presume) it truly is great tasting.  I would make Matt even more of a celebrity, like that Subway guy, Jared.  I would take all the money and energy and creativity that went into the crappy TV ads and the hip (not), entertaining (not), engaging (not), and super-animated (ugh) Web site, and make something simpler and more genuine.  I would replace the contrived games with ones that people actually enjoy and play, like those listed here.  I would have a blog that allows unfiltered comments. 

In short, I would not insult the intelligence of the young people I am trying to engage by cloaking my marketing; I would make my marketing true enough that is doesn’t need cloaking.


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