Be Careful, Now…

I first saw this video a few months ago.  I was reminded of it by my recent project to install new light fixtures in our bathroom.

I didn’t turn off the breaker because: a) I’ve shocked myself many times before, and while it’s not pleasant, it’s not fatal either, b) the circuit that controls the bathroom also includes the other upstairs room lights, and I was using some of them, and c) just turning off the wall switch accomplishes the same thing.  Well, I almost paid for that hubris.  I walked to the next room to get something, and when re-entering the (dark) bathroom, I naturally reached for the light switch.  I stopped just in the nick of time – had I hit it, the way the wires were just then would have resulted in a short, with the associated spark, flash, smoke, etc.  So I wouldn’t have been hurt, but Cindy would have had the “I told you so” rights for weeks.

So the moral is, when you know there’s a right way to do something, do it that way.  It’s the right way for a reason.

The video is from an IMAX film and I find it amazing content and wonderful to look at.  You may think it’s too sciency, but invest the 3 minutes to hear the final drole comment.


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