No Crocs For You!

This week my wife Cindy was looking around for Crocs for her and our daughter.  We all agree that they’re ugly, but apparently they’re really comfortable – so much so that both my girls have worn out their last pairs.


The first store she visited didn’t have any in stock.  The sales clerk told her that the popularity of Crocs had dropped off so much recently, that they hadn’t even bothered re-ordering.


Then she tried another store that had only a few left but that clerk said there was a regional scarcity of them because of a recent surge in demand.


I don’t want to cast any doubt on the honesty and integrity of retail salespeople as a caste, but isn’t it curious that the person who could sell my wife Crocs was the one who told her they were selling like hotcakes; while the person who had no Crocs to sell was the one who said that no-one wanted them anyway.



5 Responses to “No Crocs For You!”

  1. Craig Gallant Says:


    There is an outdoor store in Sackville across from the Vogue theatre that had a great selection last summer. I realize that is a year ago but if you are up that way it could be worth a rip through town to check.

    I agree they are ugly but they are great for the kids. My son also needs a new pair as he has outgrown his old ones. They are more sturdy than sandles and not as hot as sneakers and they can get wet, dirty, etc.. without really needing to worry about it.


  2. sbroox Says:

    Thanks for the tip. Cindy ended up finding some at Champlain Place.

    I agree about the wet part – when we were walking through the cold stream to the caves on the main beach in St Martins last weekend, I had to take off my leather sandals. Freezing, sharp rocks.

  3. Wow - The Power of Tiger Woods « About Bars & Marketing - by Stephen Brooks Says:

    […] and over 150 every day since.  I struggled to think of the cause, since it looks like the Friday post(about Crocs) or Monday’s piece (about TV viewership) would be the cause for the sharp […]

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