Some Suits Do Get Viral, It Seems

The headline is in reference to a post last week entitled “The Suits Don’t Get Viral Marketing.”

Please follow this link to watch a hilarious video, then return for the discussion period. 

I found this on, a blog that compiles interesting content from around the Web.  When blogs like this start picking up your content, it’s a great start to a successful viral marketing campaign.  And there is no doubt that this is what Eppendorf is trying to do here.  It’s not like they put this together for any other reason than hoping it would go viral.

So my hat is off to this large (annual revenues of over €340 million), stodgy German laboratory supplies manufacturer.  It surprises me that they would not only have the guts to poke fun at themselves and try something different, but that they would put this on their home page!  When I saw the complicated URL ( leading to where the video is hosted, I thought, “OK, some forward thinker in marketing talked them into doing this and even hosting it on the corporate site, but it will be buried somewhere.”  Not so!  It has primo location right on their home page.

Although, oddly enough, if you navigate into their site via the choose a country page, you can’t find the video anywhere on Canada or USA’s sites, but it does appear on all the other geographies that I tried (France, Italy, Middle East, China, South America).  Perhaps those Germans think that it’s we North Americans who are stodgy!

BTW, here are the lyrics:

Pipetting all those well-plates, baby, sends your thumbs into overdrive
And spending long nights in the lab makes it hard for your love to thrive

What you need is automation, girl, something easy as 1 2 3
So put down that pipette, honey, I got something that will set you free

And it’s called epMotion (whisper: ‘cause you deserve something really great)
Girl you need epMotion (whisper: yeah girl it’s time to automate)
It’s got to be epMotion (whisper: no more pipetting late at night)
Only for you epMotion (whisper: girl this time we got it right)

Cell Cultures
Less reagents
Faster workflow
Saves you money
Well, well, well


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