Wow – The Power of Tiger Woods

Nine days ago, I wrote a piece about how important it is to have complete faith in your marketing message; because if you don’t, there’s either something wrong with what you’re promoting or something wrong with your ability to promote it. I used Tiger Woods’s total belief in his ability to win the U.S. Open last month as an example of someone who totally believes his own “story.”

Notice what happened to by blog traffic in the ensuing days. I had been poking along at anywhere from 1 to 50 visitors per day since starting this blog in April. Imagine my surprise when I checked my stats last night. A peak of 238 visitors Monday, and over 150 every day since. I struggled to think of the cause, since it looks like the Friday post (about Crocs) or Monday’s piece (about TV viewership) would be the cause for the sharp increase, and neither of those seemed like particularly compelling topics. But then I noticed the list of terms people had searched on to find my blog:

Search Views
tiger woods 139
tiger-woods 2
always right 1
wrong customer 1
tiger woods us open 2008 1
cresent street montreal 1
broox wordpress 1
picture of tiger woods 1
pilot 1
viral epmotion 1

Seems like my star-power is slightly eclipsed by Mr. Woods’s.

This reminds me of a stunt pulled by my colleagues at Multiactive Software shortly after they purchased Maximizer (the company) in the mid-90s. They loaded up the home page meta data with terms like “Pamela Anderson,” and our traffic skyrocketed. They were actually quite smart to think of doing this – this was before the term “Search Engine Optimization” had even been coined – but they weren’t smart enough to realize that traffic in and of itself is worthless. People seeking porn or celebrity gossip are unlikely to pause in their quest and say, “Hmmm – forget Pamela, this contact management software application seems quite interesting!”

Anyway, please do not think I was trying to ride Tiger’s coattails. I am smart enough to understand that Tiger fans are not going to magically turn into Stephen fans – I just wasn’t smart enough to realize what writing a post about him would result in. And, of course, I’ve just done it again.


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