I’ll Be Back on July 23…

I am travelling to meetings in NY next Monday and Tuesday, so I don’t know when or if I’ll have the quiet, contemplative time (usually during evening perambulations) to come up with blog topics, or the 15 minutes (usually at lunch time) to type them in.

In honour of the Big Apple, here’s a joke (and after the punchline, click the link and press the red button immediately!):

A newfie works hard his whole life with one dream in mind: to visit New York City some day.  One spring, he finally has enough money saved up, so he hops in his pickup and drives onto the ferry.  A couple of days later, he arrives in Manhattan.  He gazes around in awe and wonder, totally satisfied that it’s everything he dreamt it would be.  After a few hours, it’s getting to be evening, and the newf realizes he’s hungry.  He figures he might as well do dinner properly so he drives to the Tavern on the Green in Central Park.  As he enters the front door, the maître d’ stops him and says, “Pardonnez moi, monsieur, but a necktie is required to dine at Le Taverne.  We do not like zee riff-raff who would come in and cause zee problemes.”

No worries, says the newfie, and heads back out to his truck.  Unfortunately, he cannot find a regular tie, but he does come across some jumper cables in the back.  So he loops them around his collar, fashions a decent windsor knot, tucks the clamps inside his jacket, and walks back up to the front entrance.

He says to the maître d’, “How’s dis, buddy?”

The maître d’ cocks his head to the side, and looks the newf up and down for a few seconds and says, “Yes, I suppose you may come in…   but don’t go starting anything!”



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