Creative Carding

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A friend and old colleague of mine, Clayton Morrissey, sent over the design of his new business cards. I think they’re fantastic.

There are only a handful of business cards that I actually remember. One is from my friend and ex-colleague Bill Arab, whose card says “Bill Arab since 1966” in large print, with his phone and email below, and nothing else. Another was from Razor Creative, and was die-cut in the shape of an old-style safety razor blade. The last was for a now-defunct marketing firm called Saltwater Communication, and was printed on clear plastic that was just slightly differently sized than most business cards. And of course, now there is Clayton’s.

Isn’t it odd that in the tens of thousands (no exaggeration – I’ve sifted through all the cards that the various companies have worked for have collected at dozens of trade shows) of business cards I’ve encountered in my life, I only remember four? I can recall waaaay more TV spots (for example) than that. Shouldn’t we all be striving to make this ubiquitous “leave behind” piece of marketing collateral more impactful? I’m going to have to give this some more thought and blog more thoroughly about it in the future.

Meanwhile, don’t miss the fun hidden references in the upper corners of Clayton’s card. Use the Force, Luke…


2 Responses to “Creative Carding”

  1. Lissa Boles Says:

    Boy – had no idea I was ‘in the box’ on this one.

    And can I see myself having fun with this now… Bwaaaa!

  2. celebsip Says:

    Check out these cleaver creative business cards- superb!


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