Happy New Brunswick Day!

The first Monday in August is a civic holiday in many provinces of Canada, so I have a long weekend coming up and will not be posting on August 4.

Here in my home province of New Brunswick, we call it New Brunswick Day (how creative).  Even less creative is Ontario, where it’s called the Civic Holiday.  In Alberta, I think it’s Heritage Day, and in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, it’s Natal Day.  Québec doesn’t get one because they take their national* holiday on June 24th, and call it St.-Jean Baptiste Day.

A few other provinces don’t get it either – I don’t know why.  See you Tuesday.

* Here in Canada, we let some – well, one – of our provinces pretend they are a nation within a nation.  Cute, eh?


One Response to “Happy New Brunswick Day!”

  1. Lissa Boles Says:

    I think we Ontarians were so ready for a break that when it came name time we just threw our hands in the air, said ‘everyone good with Civic?’, everyone nodded and went out for a microbrew.

    It’s all a question of priorities, my friend – and where you really want to apply your creative mojo.

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