The Top 1%

I checked the Technorati rank of my blog today.  According to that authority, I have the 1,291,269th ranked blog on the Web.  That’s out of an estimated 120 million “active” blogs.  And over 300 million that have been abandoned or are in some other way “inactive.”  So the bad news/good news is, that while there are 1,292,268 blogs that are ranked higher than mine, I am still in the top 1% of all bloggers.

That got me to thinking about what being in the top 1% really means.  It sounds very elitist and special; but I, my family, and probably you, are already in the top 1% in many categories.  And we didn’t expend any inordinate effort to get here.  If you live in North America, odds are you are among the top 1% wealthiest people in the world.  And I’m too lazy to look it up, but chances are you’re right up there in terms of life expectancy, infant mortality, workplace safety, and a bunch of other stuff.

So I don’t want to get all Stuart Smalley on your ass or anything, but next time you’re thinking about the millions of people who are better off than you, also think about the BILLIONS who envy  your position.  And, doggone it, people like you.


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