ZOMG – Seth Commented Me!

This is even more exciting than when Doc Searls quoted me on his site!  I belong to an online community of marketers called Triiibes.  It’s by invitation only so I won’t bother linking you to it.  One of the things you are encouraged to do there is cross-post blog entries into the Triiibes blog area, if they’re about marketing.  Well, I posted today the piece I did on Passing Notes, and look who commented:

Paul Durban!  No, just kidding.  Seth Godin!  Perhaps the pre-eminent marketing thinker of our time.  Now, to be fair, he is the founder of Triiibes, and probably comments there more than he would other places, to help nurture the network, but still!  He doesn’t comment every post, far from it.  So I’m going to take this as a compliment to my writing and you can’t stop me.


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