Special Guest Post

Wow.  Some great thoughts were left as a comment to yesterday’s post.  I present them as their own topic, from Clayton Morrissey:

Time is the final frontier. Completely untapped by marketers and retailers.

You’re always guaranteed to hit a huge bottleneck trying to check out of places like Walmart, Costco, Superstore etc because they just don’t get it (yet). Slash your prices to get me into the store, but if you want me to come back, put some effort into getting me the hell out of there when I want to pay and leave.

Sure, some may advertise that they’ll open another checkout if there are more than 3 people in line but how many times have you seen it actually happening?

The cashier is the most important employee in the store. They are the last point of contact and many times the only point of contact. If they don’t give me 100% satisfaction, that’s what I remember, not the discount price I paid. They need to be accurate, fast and friendly; in that order. I won’t be offended if they don’t make small talk with me, if I know they’re trying to get rid of me for my benefit, not just their own.

So train every single employee; from Manager to floor sweeper, to be able fill in as a competent cashier at a moment’s notice, when they see that it’s needed. Opening a new register doesn’t have to be a 5 minute procedure of adding a float either. You can open a credit or debit only line, instantly.

One day, when competing on price won’t cut it any more, retailers are going to realize that they’ll have to compete on service too and that means respecting my time by not stealing it from me for the privilege of giving them my cash.

Vote with your dollar. If the service isn’t up to par, go somewhere else. Eventually, it will make a difference.


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