Who Are You?

Can you do me a favour?  If you know me personally, can you leave a comment on this post?

I have gotten to the stage now that people I don’t know, who stumble across this blog through Google or Technorati or other bloggers who link to me, have started leaving comments, which is very gratifying.  But it leaves me wondering how many people I actually know visit here semi-regularly.  Netdud and CM I know drop by often, but I yearn to know who my regulars  are (just as if this were a bar).



10 Responses to “Who Are You?”

  1. Shannon Emery Says:

    Hi Stephen,

    I just wanted to let you know that I have been reading your blog quite regularly! Hope you’re doing well, and keep me informed of any plans to come to the west coast. Keep up the great posts.


  2. Craig Gallant Says:


    I have been keeping up as best I can.



  3. Jennifer Ross Says:

    You’re in my rss reader so I don’t drop by… you come to ‘my place’, as it were.


  4. Sal Says:

    Hey Stephen! I am subscribed to your site through Google Reader 🙂

  5. Clayton (CM Says:

    Checking in.

    Now everyone go here: http://www.claytonmorrissey.com


  6. Jason Landry Says:

    Hey Stephen, I’ve subscribed to your feed as well and see you in Google Reader every day.

  7. netdud Says:

    I only read this blog to see if I have been mentioned in any way that might be actionable.

    Also, the white background makes it easy to see if I need to clean my screen.

    [subbed through Bloglines]

  8. Derek K. Miller Says:

    I don’t get to bars much, and sort of veered out of marketing, so this blog is my perfect match!

  9. Charline Says:

    Yes, I’m one of your regulars too … lovin’ it … need to get a new dig scale and do what you did ;-))
    See you soon !

  10. Tom Says:

    Hi Stephen,
    I check in regularly.

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