Workus Interruptus

Gaaaa!  I’ve written before about how I hate the phone, but there is a new top nemesis to my productivity: Instant Messaging.

I have to, for purposes dictated by my role, be constantly available on not one, but TWO instant messaging systems: Lotus Sametime and Windows Live Messenger.  Most of the time, this is no problem, since most of the other people who I regularly IM with use the tools in a sensible fashion.

But what can throw a serious wrench into my day is when someone doesn’t get how synchronous communication technologies work.  Remember in the old days of radio communications when people would say “over” when they were done talking?  Well, some IMers need to learn a lesson from that.  I’m talking about someone who pings you with a question or comment that obviously requires a response, then, while you are typing said response, sends another blurb that invalidates your almost complete response and requires you to start over.  After this happens 3 or 4 times in a row, you throw up your hands and sit idly watching to see of they have, in fact, finished yet.  After a minute or so, you think, OK, they’re done now, and start to type the final reply, and they send, “U there?”  — as if I’ve been ignoring them this whole time.

Here’s a hint (that applies to marketing as well, oddly enough): before sending someone a message, think it all through and compose it appropriately and completely.

And speaking of technology that annoys me, why did WordPress arbitrarily insert that margin there on the left? 


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