Waiting in Line

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned the long line-up we stood in to get to the apple trees.  I also mentioned that we went as a large group of families.  Well, one of the families, comprising 5 people, actually got there about 45 minutes before the rest of us, and was consequently already well-progressed down the line.  The rest of us (14 people) took our place at the end of the line, then noticed the early arrivers way up ahead.  We debated joining them, but decided it wouldn’t be fair.  (Ironically, when the last of our group, 5 more people, arrived 20 minutes later, we had no qualms about letting them join us – I guess it’s a ratio thing: 5 people letting 19 in near the front of the line is wrong, but 14 letting 5 in, close to the back of the line, is OK.)

Anyway, normally I would not have blogged about this, but I just wanted an excuse to share this piece by Dave Barry with you.  I VERY rarely actually LOL (laugh out loud) while surfing the Web, but I did when I read that.

And while we’re at it, for some reason I LOL every  time I read this.

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