Who’s Counting?

Back on September 16, in this post about Wal-mart, I noticed that my last three pieces in a row had titles that began with “W”, and wondered how long I could keep that streak going.  Well, this is number 22.  Has anyone been noticing?  Surely the extremely awkward title, “Whence Your Cortlands, Sir?” must have alerted folks that something weird was going on.

I’ve been prolonging this experiment in a lame effort to create a sense of anticipation for regular visitors.  Kind of like when Ken Jennings was on his 74-match winning streak on the game show Jeopardy!.  The show’s ratings were much higher during the streak, because everyone wanted to see if this would be the night he finally lost. 

So are people hanging on the edges of their keyboards every weekday waiting to find out how long I can keep it up?  What if I can overcome the gargantuan intellectual challenge and keep going for ever?  Will people grow weary of the artificially manipulated language that will be required?  Maybe I will become famous as, “the blogger who starts all his post titles with a ‘W'”.  And where should the period go at the end of that last sentence?

Anyway, creating a streak is a great marketing tool when it really does keep people coming back to see if it can continue.  What could you do in a bar that would create that kind of anticipation?  I remember a long time ago, on TV, or in a movie, or in real life maybe, there was a bartender who could not be stumped on ANY sports trivia question.  That would be a great streak to try and keep alive – every night at 10:00 a predetermined person (if you set a schedule beforehand, than the questioner has to show up that night) gets to ask the bartender a question that he and at least one other person know the answer to.  If the bartender gets it right, cheers all around and the big board with his correct nights in a row streak gets incremented.  If he (gasp!) is stumped, the house buys a round for everyone there.

I’d go.


3 Responses to “Who’s Counting?”

  1. Shannon Emery Says:

    This probably says a lot more about me more than anything else, but I have been reading for a while and I didn’t even notice! You can count on me to be waiting with bated breath on each and every new one though. Also, please grow a mustache.

  2. Stephen Brooks Says:

    And you’re up at 5:30 AM!

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