Whales Were Watched

And the award for worst marine mammal photographer of the year goes to:  “Me!”  Believe me when I tell you that this is the BEST picture of the few dozen I shot on Saturday afternoon.  It shows two Finback whales side-by-side, one just exhaling while the further one is already starting to dive again.  The little bit of lighter colour in front of the plume is the lower jaw of the nearer whale.  The further one was about 70 feet long, the closer about 50.  That’s another whale-watching boat in the background.  We were just off the northeast corner of Campobello Island.

Here’s my defense for the poor photography:  I only used our lower end digital camera with non-optical zooming for these shots.  I have a nice film camera with a nice telephoto lens, but I learned long ago that trying to shoot transient, distant, moving things through a viewfinder means frustration and a depreciation of the whole experience.  It’s way easier to just wave your digital in the general direction of the action about 50 times and actually capture the whale 10 or 12 times.  So, in this case, I believe the substandard quality of the whale pix was worth the additional enjoyment I got from the moment.

Here’s a better quality shot of Bishop with a live Starfish.  (The crew was very smart with hot soup, face-painting, pirate costumes, and the live ocean critter experiences they offered on the way BACK, when the excitement of the whales had worn off and it was getting FREAKING cold.)

The whole flickr photostream is here for fans of blurry dark objects surrounded by pixelated blue water.  Oh, and sunsets and beautiful girls.



2 Responses to “Whales Were Watched”

  1. CM Says:

    Nothing wrong with those pics at all. The family pics are perfect.

    Whale shots are challenging at the best of times, because of the glare off the water, the fact that the sailboat can’t get you as close as some of the smaller boats in a hurry, and if they aim you at the sun, you have to shoot into the sun.

    Did you see any humpback breaches (tails out of the water)?

  2. Stephen Brooks Says:

    No humpbacks at all. Just 7 or 8 finbacks, and few minkes, a lot of porpoises, and some seals. So no tail breaches – that would have been the icing on the cake.

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