West Coast Query

Derek, a friend from Vancouver, who has a great blog by the way, left me this comment on yesterday’s post:

“Someone else must have noticed this by now, but I just did: why do all of your post titles start with W?”

It all started with this post:


Then I noticed that I accidentally had 3 consecutive titles that began with a W, which I mentioned as an aside in this post:


I then started doing it on purpose, and alluded to the fact in this piece:


And then started keeping the running tally at the bottom of every post here:


It’s kind of like “Easter Eggs,” which I’ve spoken of before — little jokes or surprises that only the initiated or the in-crowd get.  I am proud that I “caught” Derek — that he reads my blog enough to have noticed and asked about it.



One Response to “West Coast Query”

  1. What the Heck is That? Part 2 « About Bars & Marketing - by Stephen Brooks Says:

    […] I think I might make a habit of ridiculing strange or stupid logos.  It doesn’t take much effort, and it guarantees me a steady stream of W titles. […]

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