Wiser Imbibers

drinkers1If you’re having a slow day at the bar, with only a few customers, there are a number of reasons to try and get them to sit together instead of singly.

The first is that, unless one or more of them is a real pain in the arse, they’ll probably have a better time together than they would have apart, simply because humans tend to be social animals.

The second is that if they end up making new friends, the most logical place to get together in the future will be where they first met, i.e. your bar.  And every time they enter your bar, they’re more likely to see friends already there.

The third is purely selfish: they’ll be easier to serve than if they were spread out.

The fourth is that they’ll probably drink more – whenever the fastest drinker finishes, the natural action will be for everyone to buy a new drink.

The fifth is that they’ll be theoretically smarter.  This study done by the Higher Education Center tested people’s cognitive prowess when they were sober and drunk, both alone and in groups of four.  The people who were on their own fared considerably worse when they were drunk, but the groups showed virtually no change in their ability to perform mental challenges.  So it turns out that the adage, “You shouldn’t drink alone,” is good advice for more than one reason.



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