Wholly Crap! I Didn’t Write a Post Today!

Too busy at work today, and a party to go to tonight at my friend Erik’s company, i communications.  So I’ll let someone else entertain you.  This blog is about how one person hates cute animals.  Language NSFW.



3 Responses to “Wholly Crap! I Didn’t Write a Post Today!”

  1. Clayton Says:

    Damned Penguins!

    Some good looking work over at “i” as well. I can’t come to terms with their egocentric name though. I propose a change to a more customer-facing “U”. There’s no “i” in “team” gentlemen.

  2. Stephen Brooks Says:

    In the immortal words of some basketball star I can’t remember right now, “But there ARE an “m” and an “e”, so pass ME the ball.”

  3. Erik Gingles Says:

    Well it does sound a little egocentric I must admit and I’m sure Steve Jobs suffers the same slings and arrows. However, the real background is that the letter ‘i’ is pronounced “ee” is Japanese (where we lived for a number of years), which means ‘good’. Hence, it’s ‘good’ communications. Admittedly, how good could it be if it has to be explained? Merry Christmas.

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