Washing Dishes

No time for a real post today – slammed at work.  But I saw a TV ad last night that made me wonder: Electrasol (the dishwasher detergent) is changing its name to “Finish.”  So if you go to http://www.electrasol.com, you get an Electrasol welcome screen.  But once you enter, BAM! – you’re in “Finish” land.


Regular readers of this blog will know that I am no big proponent of the importance of “branding,” but why the heck would you take a name with decades of equity and ditch it?  Any ideas?



5 Responses to “Washing Dishes”

  1. Clayton Says:

    It has to be financially driven. Perhaps someone else owned the name and just licensed it to them …for 30 years… or maybe someone made them an offer they couldn’t refuse to buy the name.

  2. netdud Says:

    1) Note that over the “i” in “Finish” there is a sparkling red ball. The “Electrasol” logo, on the other hand, has NO balls.

    2) It’s safer. If you are driving a car at 100 KPH in traffic and you try to figure out an anagram for “Electasol,” you could become distracted and get into an accident. If you try to do the same with “Finish,” you will quickly discard the entire idea as silly.

    3) The new management team is from Finland, but they went to school in the US. HA! I WENT there!

    No srsly, I WENT there.

    4) They’re trying to break out of the old-fashioned “Dishwashers run on electricity” mentality, and get with the new, hip, upscale “Giant diamonds go in the dishwasher” persons of today!

    5) They honestly believe anyone gives a rat’s ass what their dishwashing soap is called.

  3. Ben Says:

    Here in Australia, Finish has been a brand name of dish machine detergent for as long as I can remember (and I’ve never heard of “Electrasol”), so maybe they are starting corporate alignment with a parent company or something?

    I have no idea if it is the same stuff, but then they wouldn’t be the first company to have the same name for different things in different parts of the world; or different names for the same thing for that matter.

  4. Stephen Brooks Says:

    Ben, there certainly are a lot of branding differences between North America and Australia. The one that was most frustrating for me was when I had a headache in Melbourne and tried to buy some “Tylenol,” which is our brand name for acetaminophen. I can’t remember what you call it there, but it took me a while to get some. Same thing with “Sultana Bran” (we call it Raisin Bran) and “Rice Bubbles” (we call it Rice Krispies).

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