6 Responses to “What the Heck is That? Part 2”

  1. Clayton Says:

    I seem to remember that many many years ago their slogan and tv advertising were indeed something to the effect of “Hop On down to MacDonald Pontiac…”

    So it appears that they believe that they have some huge following and brand recognition with the ‘Roo and they don’t want to change like Electrasol.

    In both cases, they are dumbasses.

  2. Stephen Brooks Says:

    OK, so they have a (bad) reason for using the kangaroo. But why draw it so terribly?

  3. Clayton Says:

    I seriously think it’s at least a 10 or 20 year old campaign image, so maybe the designer died and they’re too cheap to have it redone.

    It does have an early eighties look to it.

  4. netdud Says:

    I’m pretty sure that the pointy thing sticking out of the creature’s belly is supposed to be the nose of a little joey in the ‘roo’s pouch, which doesn’t resemble either parents’, but they’ve both decided to put that behind them–though not literally, obviously, because the joey has to face forward or it would suffocate– and move on with their relationship without blaming each other, and loving the joey for himself, not blaming him at all for the problems they have, because after all, he’s just a child.

    It won’t work perfectly though, and he’ll act out in school, and then fall in briefly with a bad crowd right after high school. He’ll end up on the right track eventually, but that possession charge will be a part of every job interview that he won’t look forward too, and there’s still a scar on his neck where he had the tattoo.

    So on the right side of the first image, it breaks down like this:

    – Snout that belongs on an ant-eater
    – Neck
    – A pair of badly-drawn forepaws that don’t work as a sillouette
    – Chest
    – Joey’s bastard snout
    – Belly
    – Legs
    – Feet

    Which makes a lot of sense, if your motto is “We’ll Take Care Of You So Darn Good That You’ll Feel As If You Were In The Pouch Of A Kangaroo With A Big Lobster Claw Sticking Out The Back Of Its Head.”(tm)

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