Wiccan Prime Minister?

Barack Obama is being inaugurated today.  What?  You already knew that?  Dang, so much for my blog being a source of late-breaking news.  It is of course significant because he is black.  Just as JFK’s election was significant because he was Roman Catholic.

I know it seems silly now to think that Catholicism vs. Protestantism would be an issue in selecting a President, but 50 years ago, it was.  (Maybe in another 50 years, skin colour won’t matter either.)

But back to religion.  I have a friend who is a practicing Wiccan, and who ran for office in the last federal election.  I don’t for a moment believe her religion affected any of the voters, but what if she had been on a bigger stage?  What if she had been running for the leadership of her party or even Prime Minister?  Even if you believe that Canadians are tolerant enough to handle that, imagine a devout muslim or sikh running for the US presidency.

Why should it matter which invisible friend you believe in?  I personally don’t believe in any supreme being.  But then I don’t believe in acupuncture or meditation either – and that doesn’t lessen my regard for those who do.

So why is it that people can get over an obvious physical difference like race or gender, but not a subtle variance in belief systems?



4 Responses to “Wiccan Prime Minister?”

  1. Clayton Says:

    Perhaps because most would have little confidence in the rational decision making ability of someone who subscribes to one of the newer “bat shit crazy” religions like Wiccas, Scientology or even the Mormons.

    Tolerance is one thing but electing the mentally unstable is another.

  2. Stephen Brooks Says:

    Why is a religion that believes in witchcraft, or that we came from space, or that you should have multiple wives, any batshit crazier than one that says a dude walked on water and rose from the dead?

  3. Clayton Says:

    Good point; IMHO they’re all crazy (talking snakes anyone?) but democracy is a popularity contest and the elected official is charged with representing the values of, if not all then the majority of their constituents, and that is in almost all cases the old school crazy religions, not the witches, warlocks, alien spawn and followers of talking lizards.

    So I guess it’s popular crazy over fringe crazy.

    Too bad that we’ll never see an Atheist president.

  4. Derek K. Miller Says:

    Most people can probably be convinced that physical differences like skin colour are trivial, but when people believe that their understanding of the universe is the Right One and the True Path, and that others are wrong so fundamentally that they’re all going to Hell, well, that influences decisions in a more basic way. That’s one reason.

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