Wanton Botanical Lust

Apparently, PETA wanted to put this ad in the Super Bowl, but it was deemed too raunchy.

Um, PETA?  Yeah, I’m talking to you.  You know who watches the Super Bowl, right?  They’ll love the ladies, but you’d have to pry the BBQ ribs from their cold dead hands.



7 Responses to “Wanton Botanical Lust”

  1. Clayton Says:

    Stupid Hippies.

    There is absolutely no crossover in PETA members and MENSA members.

  2. netdud Says:

    See now, I would have said that if the aim is to convert folks to vegetarianism, it would be good to get the attention of people who aren’t already vegetarians. At the very least, it makes more sense than preaching to the choir at three million a spot.

    But even if you don’t agree with that point, this ad has already been pretty successful.

    At least, it’s getting pumped all over the Weeb in that viral way that marketing types are always talking about. And if things move as per normal, then TV news should pick this up tomorrow sometime, and it will make the papers in the next couple of days.

    It’s a titillating story with the words “Super Bowl” in it, the commercial has side-boob in it, and you can trot out pictures of Pamela Anderson and other hawt PETA supporters. Of COURSE it will be covered Super Bowl week.

    I’d bet PETA gets better bang for buck out of this ad than they would have if it had actually run during the Super Bowl. Were I a cynical person, I’d think that they would be not at all surprised to get the attention for being too raunchy–and relieved but not at all surprised to not have to pay for the airtime.

    Certainly they are going to reach more new eyeballs with this ad than all the three million dollar light beer, pickup truck, pizza and sugar water ads will find new light beer, pickup truck, pizza and sugar water consumers watching the Super Bowl.

    I’ll be watching the game. I don’t really follow the NFL, but I’m down with any excuse to have some barbecue with friends. And some of this excellent local Porter.

  3. Stephen Brooks Says:

    Dagnabbit – I’ve been outsmarted by netdud yet again. Arghh.

  4. Stephen Brooks Says:

    But this shoots down your “secretly they’re glad not to buy the airtime” theory.

  5. netdud Says:

    I think the lesson here is that you never really understand an issue until you read the Weekly World News coverage.

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