Well, I Guess It’s Over

w1I’ve gone all week without posting.  It would be easy to say I’ve been pouting because the readers who voted on the validity of the controversial W-title post last Thursday have declared the W-streak over.  However, the truth is that I have been incredibly busy at work, including evenings and weekends.  And we’re going to France next week, which requires both domestic and professional preparations.

It doesn’t seem like the level of intensity at work is going to go down any time soon, which is very good from a professional perspective, but it will mean that my blog posts will not be happening daily any more – I just can’t carve out the time to stick to that frequency.

So the end of Ws will also mark a change in tone for this blog.  I anticipate that I will only be posting in the future if I feel very strongly about something.  Or not.  Who knows?

It’s kind of liberating not to have the “deadline” mentality any more.  There were times over the past year that I was actually slightly stressed over not having anything to blog about on some days.  I even apologized for lame posts more than once.  Now I can avoid that shame!  So presumably the increase in quality will make up for the decrease in quantity in the future.

102nd and last

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