Abortion and other Reproduction Issues

drmDRM, for those of you who don’t know, stands for digital rights management.  It is technology that limits the copying of digital media like movies, music, e-books, etc.  Some people think it’s necessary to preserve the royalty stream for the artist and artistic integrity of the piece; some people think it throttles the spread and availability of art.  I will not weigh in on the issue in this post, as I have addressed it before.

No, this post is some advice for the anti-DRM crowd.  You should take a lesson from both sides of the abortion battle.  When the people who are against abortion started calling themselves, “Pro-Life,” what were abortion proponents supposed to do?  Call themselves “Anti-Life?”  Of course not.  Similarly, the other side won’t win any popularity by calling themselves, “Anti-Choice.”

So the people who believe in the free spreading of media shouldn’t say they’re “Anti-DRM.”  That’s saying that you’re against “rights,” and everyone know rights are good, right?  Human rights, right of way, Bill of Rights (US), Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Canada).

So the anti-DRM people have to find something to be “pro” about.  Like “Pro-Sharing” (weren’t we all taught as children that sharing is good?).  Or “Pro-Proliferation of Art.”  Or “Pro-Fans.”  Those will be tough for the DRM crowd to fight – who wants to be known as “anti” any of those things?  AND, they’ll have trouble playing the same game – what could they be “pro?”  “Pro-Celine Dion gets more money?”  “Pro-You can only enjoy the stuff you paid for in the way we allow?”

Wow – the air sure is thin up on this high horse…


One Response to “Abortion and other Reproduction Issues”

  1. netdud Says:

    It would be best if people just dealt with the issue without more euphemisms. The DRM issue isn’t about rights in general, or about sharing in general. It’s just about the specific methods used to mitigate between what people do and what other people are willing to pay for it, and make sure that the money and goods flow between the two parties.

    There is NOTHING wrong with Digital Rights Management per se. There is a lot wrong with how the concept has been implemented. And the reason that we know things are wrong is because the methods in place are not doing the job described above very well.

    One of the things clouding the issue is that the term “DRM” has been erroneously tied to one implementation. Both sides seem to be labouring under this misapprehension. DRM is not a particular method. It’s a concept. You can argue that ANY solution will involve Rights Management, and that this will probably facilitated Digitally. And the whole time, you’ll be arguing semantics, instead of the issue itself.

    More confusion about what they are actually arguing about won’t help either side.

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