Time in a Cell

 I was reading the New York Times review of the new Star Trek movie, and saw this comment in the readers’ area:

“this movie was awesome. not a huge old school ST fan but knew of it…this one blew the others away, i found myself looking at my phone hoping there would be more time left than there was and it would keep going…”

Did you get that?  He looked at his PHONE to see the time.  Not his watch.  This reminds me of back in 1996 when I bought my first cell phone, for my wife.  We were out for a walk and she asked me if I knew what time it was.  Now, I haven’t worn a watch for years – there’s something toxic about my perspiration that corrodes most metal (and leather) at an alarming rate.  The only element I can wear next to my skin is Au.  Anyway, I said, “No, but have you got your phone on you?”  She replied, “You want to CALL someone and ask them the time?”

So back then, many people still hadn’t cottoned on to the idea that cell phones are much more than simply telecommunication devices.  Of course, these 13 years on, that’s more true than ever.  Now “phones” are Web browsers, GPSs, music players, video cameras, and, of course, clocks.  Scott Adams muses in his blog about what they will probably become in the future.

Of course, I can’t fight progress, but I hope that when Scott’s predictions come true, they (the ubiquitous “they”) will have figured out how to make the user interface simple enough for the average idiot like me.  I’m not quite so bad that my DVD still flashes “12:00,” but that’s only because it reads the time from the cable signal and adjusts ITSELF.


4 Responses to “Time in a Cell”

  1. CM Says:

    What’s a DVD?

  2. netdud Says:

    This guy was so enthralled by the movie that he had to keep checking the time?

    Is that normal?

    Because if it is, then I’ve done a bunch of shows that went better than I thought.

  3. John Katsantonis Says:

    1996, eh?? Why….why, that was the year that we grokked The Who’s first opening night, ever, of “Quadrophenia” live, at Madison Square Garden!! Mister Entwistle was Not Dead Yet, etc….nice, wasn’t it??? come back~jk

    • Stephen Brooks Says:

      L.I.B. (Well, I’ll Be.)

      If it ain’t good old John Cats-in-pyjamas (as Chris used to call you). What’s up? Still puffin’ the Cubanos? Still in Chi-town? Still in PR? I presume if you read my “About” page you’re all up to speed on me…


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