Dear Prime Minister Harper, Please Watch This Now

Whatever your feelings about Bill Gates and Microsoft, you have to admit that the dude is smart.  This is a long clip at ~30 minutes, but the meat is all in the first 20.  It’s about the need to develop new electricity production NOW, and how a new nuclear technology looks like a good bet.

Throwing a bone to the Marketing angle, Bill does a great job of presenting PhD-level concepts at an undergraduate pace:  he preserves the academic authority but illustrates it in a joe-average way.  Know your audience.


2 Responses to “Dear Prime Minister Harper, Please Watch This Now”

  1. Fred Says:

    It is unfortunate that so much of the world (especially the environmentalists) dismiss nuclear energy as a non-starter – mostly due to their own ignorance on the subject, but also due to the large amout of misinformation propagated by various special interest groups.

    It is also reflective of the mistrust of anything that smells “scientific” – much of the population fears science.

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