What the Heck is That? Part V

In my continuing series 1, 2, 3, 4,  of stabs at advertising “professionals,”  I give you this:

I’ll grant you that anyone who lives in New Brunswick probably can decipher this.  But the region of Miramichi is presumably trying to draw tourists from afar.   And NB’s First Nations place names are already hard enough.  I’m thinking of Kouchibouguac and Magaguadavic (pronounced MACK-a-DAVE-ee), for instance.  Why throw in the inscrutable font factor?

Here’s the whole ad:

Is this man taking a dump?  Is he panning for gold?  Is he “discovering what ‘WE’ know”?  No, he’s FISHING.  That’s what Miramichi is famous for.  Why go to such great lengths to hide it?

So, my righteous self has a problem with this ad on many levels:

1. I know that written-word fonts are all the rage now, but if they become so “human” that they’re unreadable, what’s the point?

2. Print ads should NEVER have URLs in them.  If you want to provide a link in your print ad, include a scannable barcode like this:










3.  “Discover what we know.” is one of the most ambiguous (almost creepy) taglines I’ve ever heard.  What if  “what we know” is how to re-animate the dead?  Or, more benignly, how to pick up things from the water?

4. And the topper is that this ad appeared in the Moncton Times & Transcript, which serves a market where EVERYONE already knows that the Miramichi has the best salmon fishing in the world.  Whom are we trying to reach, here?  Visiting business people who might come back to NB because of a photo of an old guy grabbing something out of the river?  Sheesh.


3 Responses to “What the Heck is That? Part V”

  1. Shannon Emery Says:

    Ok, I have to chime in here – I have noticed since moving to Victoria about how well done the Newfoundland tourism ads are, and how heavily promoted they are here. They are beautiful and show off the unique landscape, colorful homes etc. Yet I have never once seen anything about New Brunswick at all, despite the fact that when talking about it from day to day with friends, people seem genuinely interested in going to visit. NB needs to hire whoever did Newfoundland’s ads and advertise in BC.

  2. Stephen Brooks Says:

    Shannon, you are joining a long list of perceptive people who praise NL’s tourism ads, and decry NB’s efforts. Here is Rich Gould (from Razor): http://razorcreative.blogspot.com/2011/03/newfoundland-marketing-leave-it-to-pros.html
    And Clayton has made the same point NUMEROUS times. Here’s one:

  3. Anisha Says:

    Fell out of bed feeling down. This has brghtieend my day!

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