Those of You Who Were…

Hum vs Dehum…”Battle of the Bands” fans, may appreciate the BATTLE OF THE APPLIANCES going on in my step-father’s basement.  He has both a dehumidifier and an humidifier operating in this (essentially airtight) house.  It’s my job to go down 3 or 4 times a day, and empty the coupla gallons or so of water out of the “de-” one, and replace filters in the other.  No big thing, but it seems kind of like being a Satanist Christian, or an Arsonist Firefighter.  And, no, “running a pipe from one to the other,” isn’t a solution, because the dehumidifier also cleans the air.  You’ve probably heard about the air quality problems we have here in southern Nova Scotia ;-}.  Anyway, he is older and (much) wiser than this reporter, so the liquid tilt will continue.  BTW, before the good folks at Frigidaire® and NOMA get their knickers twisted, I totally understand the requirement for both of their types of products, and have happily owned and used both in the past.  In Fredericton, where I grew up, the air would get so dry in the winter that you would get near-fatal electric shocks when touching anything metal, especially if you had been shuffling along the dry carpet.  Yet, when I lived in Montréal, you could almost drown by just breathing the summertime air.  Neither situation was insurmountable, but dehumidifiers were abundant in the latter town; humidifiers in the former.


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