A Rose by any other name…

As faithful readers will know, I am currently not working (at least for anyone that is paying me).  One route I am considering is starting my own marketing consultancy firm.  This hypothetical business will need a name.  I look to my friend Clayton, who does photography.  He frequently shoots live perfomances, and came up with the very clever name show stoppers.

I have considered arrogant things like Marketing for Geniuses.  Of course, copyright infringement precludes me using this particular image, but you get the idea.  Still in the arrogant vein, Watershed Marketing, Marketing Mastermind, Advanced Marketing Consultants, ZOMGMarketing, Elite Marketing, L33tMarketing and others drift though my head.

More mainstream ideas run the gamut: Brooks Marketing, Marketing by Brooks, Brooks on Marketing, Business by Brooks, Brooks Marketing Consultants, Brooks Marketing Wisdom, etc.

Then there’s the more cutesy strain like Pied Piper Marketing, Magnetic Marketing, or Entice Marketing (some of you will get a chuckle from that).

Any votes?  Or even better, any superior ideas?  I need to file for my HST number this week, so time is of the essence.  Hey!  Marketing Essence!

Thanks in advance to my friends and colleagues.

P.S. I’m still cool with the idea of a “real” job too, so don’t stop spreading the word…


Let Lose The Hounds

Who is it that types the crawlers at MSNBC?

MSNC Looser

Main Entry: 2loose
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): loosed; loos·ing
Date: 13th century

transitive verb 1 a : to let loose : release b : to free from restraint
2 : to make loose : untie <loose a knot>
3 : to cast loose : detach
4 : to let fly : discharge

Where did they loose the $200M?  Cause if it’s just flying around somewhere, I’d like to pick some up!

How’d You Like to Hire Me?

I ended my relationship with my employer on a VERY amicable note last week.  Here is the blurb I’m sending around while looking for something new:

I have been very successful in a number of roles over my 20 year career.  I began as a Project Manager, and then transitioned into software Product Management and Marketing.  Most recently, I was in charge of delivering marketing consultancy services to IBM Business Partners.

A born New Brunswicker, I spent time in Montreal and Vancouver before returning to my home province with my family 10 years ago.  I have been active in the local arts and technology scenes, serving as VP of the Capitol Theatre Board of Directors, and chairing ThinkNB 2009, the largest IT event in Atlantic Canada.

Here is a nice colour printable JPG of my CV.