Those of You Who Went Through…

…121 Physics at Fredericton High, did the “is light a wave or particles?” experiments, including this one:

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Just to relieve your suspense, turns out light is BOTH!  Cheating, right?

Meanwhile, in Chemistry:  Sigh… if I’ve heard the old “oligo-tetraphenylporphyrins enriched with fluoroalkylsulfanyl chains” story once, I’ve heard it Ø or ∞ times.

main article image


And over in Computer Science, it would have been more valuable to take Typing.  Seriously.

Confused dialog box


Those of You…

…who are Minnesota fans (sorry) will appreciate this demonstration: just because you’re a professional athlete, it doesn’t mean that you have to be a jerk.

Those of You…

…who know me, know that I’m not strongly slanted in any direction politically, but I do like that these guys met over a beer.

* New theme?  Can the “Those of You” streak ever rival the “W” mania?