Those Pictograms…

…that theoretically make things easier to understand are refusing to relinquish their penchant for obscurity:

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I mean; if a person trying to operate a car cannot read the words, “ON” and “OFF” located immediately below a vent no matter what country they’re in; perhaps they’re operating the wrong form of transportation.




Drivers here in NB must interpret even weirder symbols that replace words.

Those Dang Antipodeans…

.. made me actually GOLF (Guffaw Out Loud Forcefully) at this one.  Here’s the pic; then I’ll slap you upside the head with the headline:

Wait for it…




(or go here I guess; but here it comes:)




Paraglider Lands, Gets Socked In The Face By A Kangaroo – And It’s All Captured On Cam





Those Québecois…

… have their language police; let’s get some attractive grammar cops for ours!

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Those In-cook-petents…

… at NASA, seem to have not thought about centifugal force as a way of making proper cookies in space. “The experimental Zero G oven will be able to bake one cookie at a time, and it’s possible the treats may come out as cookie balls or cylinders.”

I will be flying down to Houston to pitch the solution:  Put two wads of cookie dough on both flat ends of a cylinder inside their oven, and spin it so the force pushes the dough against the end as it’s cooking.  The mechanics of spinning will need some thought, but perhaps something as simple as the way you get a toy gyroscope going: 

So the whole assembly, is expertly illustrated here:

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Et voila!  Space cookies!

Those Posts…

…that have nothing to do with bars OR marketing just keep on comin’

Those Years Fly By


Hey – makes sense to me.  Part of delivering what you promise, is clearly stating the promise.  Part of getting what you want is making the person promise that they will deliver what YOU want.

Those of You Who Have Read…

…the Good Book and the Gooder Book may appreciate this:
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