My 50th Post!

MilestoneNot a super-significant milestone, but still.  I’ve been sticking to my promise of a daily post for 10 weeks now. 

So, what’s my feet-fully-wet opinion of blogging?  Well, it’s good for the ego.  At the level I’m at, almost everyone who reads my posts is a friend or colleague, so it’s highly improbable that anyone would say, “Man, your writing sucks!  And how can you be so dumb as to have that opinion?”  So there’s no downside.  But there’s a huge potential upside: the rush you get when someone compliments your style or says they find your thoughts interesting.

As a promotional avenue, I can’t really rate it yet, because I have nothing specific to promote.

As a pastime, it takes more effort than I thought.  But the effort isn’t in the typing the posts, it’s in coming up with stuff to post about.  Early on, I thought I should write down ideas for posts when they came to me, so I would have a list to draw on when inspiration was flagging.  The funny thing is, everything on the list seems too dull when I go back to it.

As a professional development activity, I’d have to give it a slightly positive rating.  The act of putting your ideas about what you do for a living “down on paper” doesn’t teach you anything net-new, but it does force you to turn them over in your head and maybe look at them from a new angle.

The guilty pleasure is in checking your traffic and having a completely irrational flush of pride when your visitor count goes up.  So if you’re reading right now, thanks for that.


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