Serious Environmental Crisis

This is a short (119 seconds) video shot by an amateur last summer in California.  To give you some background, HAARP is a US Air Force research program that shoots high-frequency radiation into the Aurora Borealis.  There appears to be a vast government conspiracy to cover up the deleterious effects this experiment is having on our atmosphere.  Because the narrator begins slightly shrilly, I will tell you that her first words are “Hot day – July 6th…”

It’s even worse than she realizes – my wife has a crystal ornament hanging in our kitchen window and it seems to focus the HAARP rays even more and creates rainbows even closer to the ground.  Sometimes on the freakin’ FLOOR!  My house must be FULL of metallic oxide salts!

I tell ya, I would have taken her a lot more seriously if it weren’t for the atrocious apostrophe transgressions in each of the first 2 title screens.


3 Responses to “Serious Environmental Crisis”

  1. joeblow Says:

    Oh, for god’s sake, woman, get a grip! Were you born yesterday? Did you spend any time at all in school? Lawn sprinkler rainbows have existed ever since there were lawn sprinklers. The miniature rainbows they produce are exactly the same as real rainbows, and are caused by refraction of sunlight from the water mist. You see the same thing around water falls. And, yes, crystals refract light, too. Or are you going to claim that these effects are all due to a vast government conspiracy?

  2. sbroox Says:

    Dear Mr. Blow,

    You seem confused as to the context here. I am not the author of this video, in fact I am making fun of her. Or were you hoping she would see the comments you direct at her here on my blog?

    BTW, I love your gmail address. I won’t type it here, but it’s brilliantly simple! You must have been one of the first few dozen gmail subscribers to nab that one.


  3. pete Says:

    Be alot easier to see of everything below search was not there

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