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Well, I’m impressed.  Pursuant to my last post, here is the reply I received from Laphroaig:


Don’t worry you’re far from being the first to forget their plot number and account details!

Your plot number is: 23xxx

And your logon details are –
username: xxxxxxx
password: xxxxxxx

I have updated our records to use your new email address.

For future reference though, if you click on this link (http://www.laphroaig.com/friends?un=xxxx&pw=xxxx), it should take you straight into the Friends section of the website, logged in as yourself. From there you can go to ‘My Plot’ and then ‘Edit My Plot’ where you can update all your account details yourself, including your email address.

Please also pay particular note to the checkbox in the form too, which says “Show your name to other FOL’s on the website”. As a default it is left blank, but if you check it then other Friend’s of Laphroaig will be able to search and see you in the site.

I hope you enjoy the website.

Kind Regards,

Alice Guest
Friends of Laphroaig

It came in at about 9:00 AM the morning following the evening when I filled out the “Contact Us” form on their site.  So, accounting for time changes, it was about 5 business hours (in Scotland) before I received a reply.  That seems to me to be an indication that a human being was involved, not just some auto-reply bot running off a CRM system.  Now, I’m not naive enough to think that Ms. Guest hand-typed this email to me (or that she even exists), but I do believe that a human was involved in looking up my account and generating this email.  Good on you, Laphroaig!



One Response to “Written Reply”

  1. Stephen Brooks Says:

    Received Oct 23:

    Dear Stephen,

    Thank you for your kind comments, I was extremely pleased to read your blog.

    Warm regards,

    Alice Guest

    Friends of Laphroaig
    Customer Services

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