What’s Your Blog-Gender?

gaThere’s a gimmicky Website called Genderanalyzer that claims to be able to predict the gender of a blogger by scanning their site.  They’re 64% certain that I’m male.  They also nailed Clayton (79%), and Fred (75%).  But they’re 74% sure that Bill is a woman, and also 75% confident Jessica Hagy (one of the most popular female bloggers in the world) is a man.

So my point is not that the thing is accurate, but that it’s even conceived.  This is one of the types of services the Web will be able to do well in 5 years or so – get human-quality impressions of a person or company by perusing their online presence.

The gender of a blogger is, of course, a trivial thing for this kind of automatic analysis to determine.  But what about the kid-friendliness of a restaurant, or the hip-hop friendliness of a night club?  Or the honesty of an online merchant, or the quality of a hotel?  Or, to get back to personalities, how about the compatibility of a potential friend, spouse, physician, lawyer, or golf buddy?



2 Responses to “What’s Your Blog-Gender?”

  1. Clayton Says:

    “They also nailed Clayton”

    If I had a nickel for every time …

  2. netdud Says:

    Well, seeing as about 74% of the content on my blog seems to be ham- and bacon-centric, I think the obvious lesson here is that women are seriously under-marketed to by the processed pork industry.

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