Beck Covers INXS

I don’t usually (ever, come to think of it) post music videos.  However, I came across this cover of Never Tear us Apart from the INXS album Kick, which was my favourite record of the late ’80s.  Cranquez-vous los speakeros and enjoy this.

I don’t know any of these artists, but I love the singer.  Of course I’ve heard of Beck, but lately I don’t get to listen to much new music that isn’t manufactured in the factory where Disney clones their teenage TV star/singer/dancer/movie heart throb automatons (I have a 9-year old daughter).

My favourite bit is the violin taking the place of the sax riff at the start of the bridge.

Apparently this group is in the process redoing all of the album – more at  A quote from that site that explains the whole project and removes the question that I had about why her lyrical slip at the beginning of “we all have wings,” was allowed to stay.

Record Club No. 4 is here…! Joining in this time we had three of my favorite bands— Liars, Annie Clark and Daniel Hart from St. Vincent, Sergio Dias from the legendary Brazilian band Os Mutantes, as well as RC veteran Brian Lebarton, just back from the Charlotte Gainsbourg tour. The record covered this time was 1987 blockbuster ‘Kick’ by INXS.  It was recorded in a little over 12 hours on March 3rd, 2010. It was an intense, hilarious, daunting and completely fun undertaking. Thanks to everybody for being there and putting so much into it. Many classic moments, inspired performances and occasional anarchy. We’ll post the songs consecutively in the album’s original sequence. First one up is “Guns In The Sky.”  [Bolding is mine.]

[Update]  Sorry – I just can’t get enough of this.  Watch from around the 2:00 mark as she finishes the second chorus and her voice echoes out.  Then the scene changes to her viewed from her left, with the other vocalist in the background.  As the violin player hits his “power chord,” the guy rips off his shirt and the girl makes an expression like, “MAN!  THAT IS GOOD!


5 Responses to “Beck Covers INXS”

  1. Derek K. Miller Says:

    To reinforce the point: they recorded new versions of all the songs on the INXS “Kick” album in just over 12 hours. Some interesting approaches (I like “Guns in the Sky” particularly), but it’s hard to beat the originals.

    • Stephen Brooks Says:

      My second favourite (so far) is “Need You Tonight.” I didn’t care for “Wild Life” – they really played fast and loose with that. I think it’s cool that Beck did “Loved One” by himself on both guitar and slide guitar. I also hear some tambourine (but no other percussion) in there, and at least two vocal tracks. You music geeks out there – does that mean he did 5 (or more) tracks and mixed them himself? If so, would he have done the vocals first, and then the accompaniment(s)? Or instruments first?

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  4. Stephen Brooks Says:

    My new favourite is ironically a cover of the title tune that is BETTER than the original, despite its overly bass-y start (sorry Netdud): Kick

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