My 15 Minutes Lasted 3 Weeks

Loyal readers will recall that a few weeks ago, this blog got a huge spike in traffic. It happened inadvertently when I posted a photograph of a certain famous professional golfer whose intitials are T.W. and who shares a first name with a large member of the cat family with orange and black stripes that lives in Asia. I don’t want to mention his name again, because I don’t want another undeserved spike – I’d prefer to know how many people are coming here for the content. Anyway, the ride is over:

I was surprised at the suddeness of the decline, but then I realized what had happened – on Monday the 28th, about half-way through the day, I posted that day’s blog entry. That post pushed the last article I had written about the aforementioned athlete off my front page. The next time Google crawled me, I was back to the insignifigant piece of Web flotsam I was before. So I only got about 50% of my peak numbers on Monday, then back to pre-fame traffic yesterday and so far today.


2 Responses to “My 15 Minutes Lasted 3 Weeks”

  1. Lissa Boles Says:

    An ‘insignifigant piece of Web flotsam’ just dropped by and found another ‘insignifigant piece of Web flotsam’ worth reading.

  2. sbroox Says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Lissa.

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